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For groups of 5-10 people to allow
or safer and more personalized guidance and modification for client specific body type and need.  This method can lead to alleviating pain and tension within your body. Contact me to arrange

Yogalates™ classes provide:
Solomon Yogalates™ classes are an in-depth exercise system, fusing Yoga & Pilates and provide the opportunity to practice breath awareness, strengthening, stretching, core stabilisation, receive assistance for injury rehabilitation, prenatal Yogalates, post natal recovery and meditation.

Classes run from 60 minutes up to 75 minutes including a 10-15 minute Yoga nidra/relaxation/meditation.  All equipment and props are provided (Bolsters, Therabands, belts, head cushions, blankets, mats, foam supports &/or eye pillows, Pilates balls, chairs) used for adjusting where needed in individual postures, wear comfy clothes and bring water.   A time to relax, revitalize & rejuvenate!

                Providing classes during NSW School terms. Term Bookings
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