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about shar-la Yogalates™
Yogalates™ Classes provide:        strengthening, gentle stretching, assisting in injury rehabilitation, post natal recovery, and providing a time for self nurturing for all women and men of all ages.

Yogalates classes are:         75 minutes :: include a 10-15 minute Yoga nidra/relaxation/meditation :: include props for adjusting where needed in individual postures :: arrive at least 5 minutes early :: wear comfy clothes and bring water

Bolsters, Therabands, belts, head cushions, blankets, mats, foam supports &/or eye pillows may be used during class
class times:
Tuesdays  (During School Terms)  12.40pm - 1.55pm
Tenambit Community hall, Tyrrell St, Tenambit, 2323
1 x Class     $15    - 75min (including meditation/relaxation)
1 x Term     $125  - Health Fund Rebates
equipment provided ~ bring your own water ~ wear comfy clothes

Examples of various yoga positions using props
What is Yogalates?
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